You’ve now built momentum and consistency.

You’re excited and creating results.

You’re being seen and reaching your audience.


However, you’re still overwhelmed by tech, you’re reinventing the wheel every day, and you’re worried you won’t stay consistent with your marketing.


We’ve got you.

People are watching and in line to work with you.

Let’s nurture your audience and streamline your sales by
creating 1 simple system.


Join our 10-week intensive with a community that cares. Make and execute powerful decisions that streamline, simplify, and speak clearly to your prospective clients.

Make it smooth for them to buy. 

What to Expect

In Get 1 Simple System we will coach you through more business decisions and systems to build upon the work you did in the challenge.

Funnel (Instagram, LinkedIn, FB group, etc.)

Website (at least 1 page)

Email List

Email Server

Nurture Emails

Booking System

Payment System

A well-oiled system. Done.


Get Clients

You’ve unlocked the skill of decision-making. You’ve created your clear offer and you’ve started marketing consistently.  

Now it’s time to level up and build upon what’s working. 

Join this 10-week intensive to simplify and streamline your system so you can spend more time coaching and serving.  

No more wasting time with back-and-forths on all the in-between questions your leads may have.

At the end of 10 weeks, they will be easily guided from your choice of funnel all the way through booking and sales. 

Feel confident, free, calm, and in control while you become the CEO of your company.


We’re your coaches who are ready to take a group of motivated entrepreneurs to take messy action, get visible, get noticed, and get clients. 

We believe the world needs what you have to offer, and we can help you get it into the hands of the people who need it. 

We also believe you have the power, wisdom, and experience to make bold, quick decisions and to trust yourself to follow through on your plans. You just need help to:

  • Manage your mind that’s going to tell you that you need more time to “get it right”
  • Process your feelings of queasiness when you take steps to be seen
  • Know what actions to try next
  • Trust there is a demand for your offer right now
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Get Clients

Had an amazing coaching session with Linda Drosdowech, visualizing my dream for my business being a reality and then making choices NOW based on what my future self would do was super cool. 

So many unique insights and ideas! If you have the opportunity to snag a coaching session with her, I 100% recommend it!


Business Owner, Heidi-and-Seek Boutique

Get Clients

Susan gives 100% and helps me to see when my mindset/thought chatter is keeping me stuck and from moving forward with my business and my personal life. She is generous with her time, input and helps us move out of our own way. 

She listens to our struggles and provides insight and guidance on how we can proceed. Susan continuously provides support, guidance, and insight to help me get out of my head and into action.

Elizabeth Girouard

Certified Holistic Health Coach, Pure Simple Wellness, 3-Day Soup Reset


You already know It's Simple + Fun.

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