Join us for a transformative event like no other, where you’ll have the opportunity to be inspired by an incredible lineup of female thought leaders spanning diverse industries.

From discussions on success and confidence to invaluable insights into parenting, gut health, finances, and beyond, this summit promises to ignite your passion and drive.

Come immerse yourself in a day of empowerment, learning, and connection as we celebrate the wisdom, resilience, and achievements of women shaping our world.

Don’t miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to gain fresh perspectives and unlock your full potential.

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An Uplifting Experience:

The Audacity to Speak Summit offers you a day of inspiring speakers in various industries, entertainment by Fusia, Center of the Arts, and a percentage of proceeds going to Youth Infusion, a local Non-Profit offering programs for our youth.

Fun and Supportive Atmosphere:

Immerse yourself in a lively and supportive environment that fosters growth, connection, and collaboration.


There is a concession there, but no outside food, please.

Virtual Audience:

If you can’t attend LIVE, you can watch via Zoom with our Hybrid setup.

  • When: Thursday, June 6, 2024
  • Time: 10:00 – 2:00 PM EST
    (Doors Open 9:45 AM)
  • Networking: 2:30-3:00 PM EST


Speaker Line-Up


Unlike other mindset and business coaches, Susan Vernicek uses her signature, A-Game formula and approach that provides a transformative foundational mindset and creates tangible action-steps. She created this formula throughout her 17 years of experience igniting the lives of women while running a national online magazine, building a 6-figure speaking career, publishing 3 books, launching Your A-Game Podcast, and coaching and course programs. She’s known for her contagious energy, high-touch support, and persistent motivation.






Youth Infusion

Elika, Co-founder & Executive Director of Youth Infusion, is dedicated to empowering youth and fostering community engagement since 2009. Returning to lead Youth Infusion in 2020, she believes in the power of youth voices for positive change. Alongside her role, Elika runs youth-led podcast programs and advocates for women’s empowerment through initiatives like the Girl’s Infused Program. With a focus on intrinsic motivation and peer-to-peer connections, Elika drives meaningful change, empowering young people to shape their futures.





Claudia Haller, NBC-HWC is an expert in ADD/ADHD Coaching for people struggling with attention, focus, emotional regulation, impulsive behaviors, and low self-esteem; as well as having the diagnosis herself.  With 8 years of experience understanding how diet, exercise, relationship skills, mindset and gratitude, time management, and sleep can shift someone from despair to living with confidence and agency. She’s a NBC-HWC Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and owner of Vibrant Health by Claudia LLC and Virtual Health Coaches LLC.





Prunella Harris is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Pennsylvania with over 20 years of experience. She considers herself a people farmer, helping people grow, whether in direct practice or professionally as a business coach. Prunella specializes in helping women disconnect from codependent behavioral patterns and reconnect with themselves by learning how to love themselves. In addition to her clinical skills, she is experienced as a Program Manager, Clinical Supervisor, Adjunct Professor, Podcast host, and Public Speaker. Her approach to treatment is specific to the needs of each individual and emphasizes the utilization of innate strengths, skills, and abilities to improve one’s capacity to cope with life stressors.





Coach AnnaJo Talks

Ana Jorge, also known as Coach AnnaJo, specializing in work-life harmony coaching for women aiming to achieve fulfillment and vibrancy in their lives. With a background spanning 18 years in the corporate world across Europe and the US, she understands the challenges of constant adaptation and feeling trapped in life’s routine. After recognizing the misalignment between her values and the need for change, she pursued life coach certification in 2019 and launched her coaching business. Rather than blaming external factors, Coach AnnaJo developed the Work-Life Harmony program to reclaim control over my life. As a mother of two and a resident of both Portugal and the US, Coach AnnaJo embraced a journey of exploration and self-discovery. You’ll often find her in NYC on Fridays, carving out time for herself to work, connect with others, or simply soak in the city’s vibrant energy.





Anisha Allen is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, licensed Pennsylvania realtor, and author.  Anisha is a Partner of JAMT Enterprises, LLC, a Property Management Company, alongside her husband, where they buy, hold, and manage their portfolios. Her 14 years in the banking industry allowed her to manage employees and lead an Associate Engagement team in her Region. She empowered and guided employees to work with their strengths to achieve their best results. Anisha continues to embrace the opportunities to encourage and uplift women, which she delays in her debut book, 90 Days of Encouragement and Reflection, due to be released July 11, 2024.





Cidalia Murta is a passionate advocate for holistic health and wellness. For the later part of her life, she embarked on a transformative journey towards a balanced lifestyle, focusing on nurturing both her body and mind. As her understanding of the crucial connection between gut health and overall well-being has grown, she finds herself drawn to sharing holistic approaches to health and well-being. Cidalia is currently pursuing a mental wellness coaching certification, and is committed to empowering others on their journey to mental and physical wellness.






Roma Bajaj-Kohli, certified mindset and self- confidence life coach and international bestselling co-author. Roma works with teens and parents of ethnic descent who struggle with feeling like a misfit. She helps them find their identity (sense of self) and anchor them into self-worth. Together they overcome deep-rooted belongingness issues, fears, doubt, feelings of inadequacy, and self-sabotaging behaviors. 






Born in South Africa, Christina Ioannides found her passion for Martial Arts at the age of 9. Now, as a six-time World Karate Fighting Champion, she teaches and coaches the USA Women’s Team. Raised by Greek-Cypriot parents, she moved to America at 17, gaining insight into global lifestyles. With a focus on wholesome living and a corporate career in wealth management, she balances her life on her terms. Despite battling breast cancer in 2021, she persevered and is sharing her journey to inspire others.






Chitra Rochlani is a Wellness Coach, Speaker, and best-selling author of “The Warrior Mindset: 7 Mindset Shifts to Unleash Your Inner Warrior”. She’s on a mission to help her clients eliminate stress and loneliness, feel more aligned, and live a life of fulfillment and passion. As a medium and intuitive, she educates and empowers her clients to tap into their most underutilized superpower, their intuition to navigate their lives and make WINx3 decisions.





Erin Hoffman, a Financial Advisor at Certified Financial Services, LLC (CFS), in Northern New Jersey, specializes in providing tailored financial protection and wealth accumulation strategies for individuals, families, and businesses. She is committed to empowering her clients with financial education and organization, guiding them towards informed decisions and goal achievement. She takes a holistic approach, coordinating all aspects of her clients’ finances to create long-term wealth, retirement income, and legacy protection. Erin is also actively involved in mentoring through Seton Hall University’s Women in Business Program and serves on advisory boards dedicated to women’s leadership and professional advancement.





Denise Fleitman is a seasoned PA realtor with over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry. She has been recognized by her community for her outstanding achievements, with the prestigious title of Pocono Record Realtor of the Year for three consecutive years from 2017 to 2019 solidifying her reputation as a top producer in the field. Denise consistently delivers exceptional results for her clients who need to sell a family business, their home, or tract of land. Denise’s journey in real estate revealed a significant barrier hindering her clients’ success and affecting their financial outcomes: Surprisingly unprocessed grief. Denise recognized the profound impact of emotional well-being on real estate transactions, Denise dedicated herself to obtaining Behavioral Health certifications and assisting with life transitions. Now, as a certified peer support specialist, she works tirelessly within her Support Network, offering compassionate guidance and leading Grief Recovery Programs for her community. Through her unwavering commitment to supporting individuals through life’s challenges, Denise strives to not only facilitate successful real estate transactions but also to fostering healing, resilience, and ultimately, empowerment in those she serves.






Susan Vernicek - Mindset Coach for Mompreneurs
Susan Vernicek - Mindset Coach for Mompreneurs

The Audacity to Speak Summit

Audience Tickets ( Virtual or In-Person)

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Who is Susan Vernicek and Identity Magazine?

SusanVernicek-Mindset Coach for Mompreneurs
Identity Magazine for Mompreneurs

Helping Moms with Businesses Have the Audacity to Achieve™ and in this particular case, SPEAK. Susan has over a decade of hosting conferences, retreats, workshops, and special events like this one.

The Audacity to Speak Summit is Susan’s brainchild from coaching many female entrepreneurs over the years who want to speak and get paid. 

For the past several years, she’s been helping moms and entrepreneurs who are struggling to define and achieve balance and momentum as they experience combining MomLife + BizLife. 

Unlike other mindset, life, and business coaches, she uses her signature, A-Game formula that provides a transformative foundational mindset and creates tangible action-steps. I created this formula throughout my 15 years of experience igniting the lives of women while running a national online magazine, building a 6-figure speaking career, publishing 3 books, launching Your A-Game Podcast, and coaching and course programs. She’s known for her contagious energy, high-touch support, and persistent motivation.

“I attended Susan’s retreat in Pennsylvania this year. It was refreshing to meet so many women who are committed to making big moves in business and life–which is exactly what the conference focused upon. It was well organized, the food was great, and the speakers and teachings were engaging. I would highly recommend this conference and Susan’s events to other women.”

M. Shannon Hernandez

“Susan is incredibly passionate about Identity and its mission to inspire women to Accept. Appreciate. Achieve. She shares personal experiences with her readers that give Identity a warm and friendly appeal – it makes her and her magazine relatable for every type of woman. She works hard to deliver a worthwhile experience for her readers through her online magazine, as well as in person through her book tour workshops. She’s an excellent networker, accommodating to work for, and looks to promote not just her business, but her sponsors’ and advertisers’ companies/products as well.”

Kimberly Elmore

“Working with Susan is an absolute joy. She is one of the most creative, enthusiastic, and determined individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of being associated with. When she puts her mind to something, it gets done! I also admire her true desire to empower all women to live more fulfilled, happier, and healthier lives. I am honored to be a contributing author and expert at Identity Magazine, and to work with such a dedicated and loving individual.”

Ellen Goldman


Susan Vernicek - Mindset Coach for Mompreneurs
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Fusia Dance