We’re ready to support the next part of your journey to define, explore and expand your mindset, marketing, and vision and voice:

  • Serve and share your wisdom, strategies, and insights from a place of generosity, curiosity, and abundance
  • Thrive without hustling and exhausting yourself
  • Connect authentically and personally to create more awareness so your clients come to you 
  • Commit to a plan for the future with an ability to be flexible when life demands it
  • Clarity and certainty on what you want by understanding your own “why” and passions
  • Create a steady flow of consistent clients to earn at your capacity
  • Stay the course and be accountable for the decisions you’ve made
  • Develop an email list to talk directly to your people and communicate your knowledge
  • Find your writing voice and confidence to share your expertise with the increased ability to articulate what you do and how you help people

Raving Results


I am thrilled to share my experience as a health coach enrolled in the Expert Accelerator program with Susan and Linda. The journey has been nothing short of transformative. 

Under their guidance, I successfully completed my certification to become a Havening Practitioner and renewed my NBC-HWC Board certification, accomplishing both well in advance of the due date.

Beyond the certifications, the impact of their support and insights extended to my personal life. Through their encouragement, I embraced a significant lifestyle change that not only boosted my confidence and clarity but also had a positive ripple effect on my entire family, elevating our overall quality of life.

One of the remarkable aspects of this coaching journey has been the tangible achievements in my professional growth. I celebrated numerous small victories, including the creation of impactful articles that serve as valuable resources for reference.

Additionally, I successfully developed a lead magnet, a goal that had long eluded me before joining the program.

I am filled with enthusiasm for the future. Susan and Linda have played an instrumental role in helping me build momentum, enhance my integrity, and establish a more robust follow-through routine. Each day is now purposeful and clear, thanks to their guidance on what aspects to focus on.

One of the standout features of Susan and Linda’s coaching dynamic is how seamlessly they complement each other. Together, they form a powerhouse of resources, serving as incredible accountability partners. Their ability to challenge me at the right moments has been crucial in pushing me beyond my comfort zone and unlocking untapped potential.

As a result of this transformative experience, I emerge from the program feeling ready, deserving, excited, and at peace. Doubts have significantly diminished, and I have developed a newfound confidence in making offers without fear. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Susan and Linda to anyone seeking not just business coaching but a profound and positive life-changing experience.


The Opportunity:

  • 12 Months of Weekly Coaching with Linda & Susan
  • Define your offer and customer process: Clarity on vision, mindset, messaging, marketing, strategy, and practical hands-on work.
  • Define your area of expertise, name of your column on Identitymagazine.net, funnel creation, email sequence support, Video strategy, and even a bio update!
  • A communication plan for regular check-ins
  • Copy editing and tech support for articles, video, and podcast commercials.
  • A place to show up consistently and confidently using your CEO Mindset
  • A container to brainstorm and grow your vision of success
  • Coaching to define and refine your writing voice
  • Opportunity to expand your visibility through advertising, articles, and podcasting
  • A luxurious amount of time to slow down and collaborate with the dynamic duo of Linda and Susan 😉
  • A mastermind that prioritizes self-care, self-acceptance, and self trust
  • Accountability to your ultimate goals
  • Link building + SEO to support your brand and help you be searchable
  • $9,000 US or a payment plan of $750 a month

Accelerate your business and establish your expertise!

Over six months you will:

  • Choose your area of expertise you want to focus on
  • Develop your one, sellable offer
  • Decide on your messaging
  • Create your sales system
  • Market your articles with clear branding
  • Grow your CEO mindset to make quicker decisions, evaluate, and implement
  • Trust and believe in yourself to make money in your business now

Value Packed Marketing

Expand your reach and influence with Susan’s proven Mindset + Media Program:

  • Minimum 1 Guest Expert Interview on the Your A-Game Podcast https://pod.link/youragame Listened to on every podcast channel 
  • 6 Advertising/commercial Spots on Your A-Game Podcast Episodes 
  • YOUR OWN COLUMN: 6 Articles on IdentityMagazine.net with SEO-rich content marketing copy that the Identity team can write them for you OR you can write and they will SEO proof
  • 1 year of Banner Advertising on IdentityMagazine.net including a total of 16 placements the Identity Team will design. They will GEO target to your location if needed.  

Take it from Vincent James, CEO and founder Mediterranean Snacks; a million dollar snack food company:

“I’ve been working in the food industry for over 25 years and worked with many different  contractors. Susan at Identity Magazine helped us develop a social media strategy that tripled our reach to new consumers (from 15,000 to 55,000 social media contacts).

More importantly, they helped us engage, interact and learn from our consumers by sponsoring content our consumers respond to through recipe development, banner advertisement, articles, and contests. Susan and her team are a pleasure to work with because of her positive, can-do attitude, and her talented, smart, responsive drive. I would recommend her without hesitation and look forward to working with them on future projects.”


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