Mother to Mother:

Here is where you get to make your imprint.

Best Selling Author, Susan Vernicek invites you…

In this edition and a Bestseller of “Get All A’s in the Game of Life: Insights Along the Way, the Mother’s Edition” we share words of wisdom from a diverse group of Mothers for the purpose of nurturing and inspiring you on this emotional and rewarding journey.  This book of quotes and other useful tidbits will be your source of fuel and comfort: a wellspring that all Mothers can draw upon over and over.

  • Inspiration
  • Validation
  • Invigoration
  • Laughter
  • Nods of Recognition
  • Advice

The original quotes that pepper these pages — poignant, informative, uplifting, refreshing, and compassionate — will serve to bolster and elevate you.

This book was conceived as a tailored tool to help you accept and embrace your own experience as a Mother and master multi-tasker, with lessons learned and paths taken by none other than fellow badass Moms.