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Mindset + Achieve™ Coach, #1 Bestselling Author, and Speaker

Susan brings all the energy and has been invited back 8 years in a row to several locations!

She presents keynotes, breakout sessions, webinars, workshops, weekend retreats, and consistently earns rave reviews at conferences, business events, and women’s groups.


Mindset Coach, Susan Venricek Speaker Sheet

Susan Vernicek ignites and empower Mompreneurs who struggle to discover their balance between MomLife + BizLife. She help them create a winning Mompreneur Mindset so that they can thrive at home and kill it in business —without feeling guilty and comparison.

She first started igniting the lives of women 13 years ago through her wellness magazine, Identity Magazine that empowers women to transform through Self-Acceptance, Appreciation, and Personal Achievement. As a certified Mindset Igniter, Coach, she continues to spread her inspirational energy and expertise worldwide via workshops, conferences, Podcasts, TV, and through digital and print channels, including her first 2011 first Identity Magbook and her #1 Amazon Bestseller, “Get All A’s in the Game of Life: Insights Along the Way”, Entrepreneur Edition and Mother’s Edition.

You can find her articles and tips cited online in The Huffington Post, EmpowHER, BlogHer, Medium, Thrive Global, and Yahoo Shine; as well as in books and magazines published by Harper Collins, Bright Street Books, Reinvention Press.

Susan aspires to fully embody the notions of the modern-day woman that she advocates for all women. She successfully juggles and enjoys the Mompreneur life, adventure, dancing, golfing, and traveling with the loving support of her husband and twin toddlers in The Poconos, PA.

Signature Talks

Keynote Topics: These can be tailored to the audience as well

  • The Audacity to Achieve™
  • How to Create Solid Behaviors that Get You Lasting Results
  • You’re One Thought Away™
  • Your A-Game Approach for Success™
  • Follow This Magic Rule for Success™
  • The Secret Formula for Achieving Your Goals™
  • Happiness, Freedom, and Profits™
  • Guilt, Compare, and Despair—Oh My!™

Get Sh*t Done + Still Have Time for Netflix

  • How a simple daily framework propels you further
  • Establish an AM self-care practice for success
  • Learn a tracking technique that gives you the power to achieve

How to Create Solid Behaviors that Get You Lasting Results

  • Learn how to shift your awareness to change your game of life
  • Learn how to evaluate your behavior without guilt or comparison
  • Understand the important behaviors that get you the lasting results

The Mompreneur Method to Success – 3 Stages of Self-Awareness

  • Gain clarity on where you’re thriving vs. blocked
  • Learn the 3 Stages of awareness and how to move through them 
  • Understanding your balance between MomLife + BizLife

Unlock This Magic Rule in Business.
Your Happiness and Success Depend on it!

  • How The happiness % wheel gives you the power for success
  • Accept, appreciate and achieve within the 40% rule
  • Create and learn how your daily advantage impacts your results

If you could bottle her energy, enthusiasm and positive nature, you would have a guaranteed formula for success! Susan is an eternal optimist who recharges everyone around her with her positive spirit. I am always inspired by observing all that Susan undertakes. She is a wonderful role model to women and entrepreneurs everywhere and she continuously amazes those around her. We at B.I.G. are both proud and grateful to have had Susan as one of our pod leaders. Through her, our brand is wonderfully represented and she epitomizes our mission of “women empowering women” to fulfillment.”

Tara Gilvar

CEO, Believe, Inspire, Grow

“Susan’s workshops and programs have led to clients re-entering the workforce, starting new businesses, and returning to school.  Asking “What will I do next, not in-spite-of, but because-of the challenges life has given me?” has proven to be a very powerful, life-changing question.”

Lisa Villont

Program Outreach Specialist, Wounded Warrior

“As an entrepreneur, there are certain characteristics that stand out when you work closely with other people. Sometimes it’s passion or desire, maybe commitment or attention to detail… Other times, it’s all of those things and then maybe something else, something special. Having known Susan for several years, both personally and professionally, I’d have to say that she has it – that something special you look for in others that inspires you. Susan inspires me to do more, to reach out, to improve myself and to nurture others. I’m very thankful for that and I’m confident that she can do the same for you…”
– Eric Burke

Erice Burke

VP, Exigent Technologies & Stakeholder at eFileFAST

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