37: How to Act and Be Human While Being Successful

Why is it that we beat ourselves up for not feeling happy, grateful, or content 24/7?

Guess what? You’re human, and even when you’re experiencing success, you’re allowed to feel sad, exhausted, or frustrated… or anything else for that matter!

This episode is all about how to be human and have all the feelings that go along with that while also being successful. We all have times when we feel like we need permission to be human, and I’m here to give it to you.

I hope you get a quick burst of inspiration from this episode. It’s short and sweet and it means a lot to me.


In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • Giving yourself permission to feel human emotions
  • How to navigate being human and being successful at the same time
  • The importance of having a safe space to express emotions
  • Working through the junk and drama that gets in the way
  • Overcoming hard things
  • Navigating the middle ground between rock bottom and total success


What do you believe about your emotions? Do you trust that you’ve got your own back within your MomLife + BizLife? I want you to know that you can experience success and discouragement at the same time. It’s called being human.

You have permission to be human. You can cry and be successful. You’re allowed to have all kinds of feelings at the same time.

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