2: Experience More Freedom by Creating Instant Balance in Your Business

How can you create instant balance so that you can experience more mompreneur freedom?

The answer is simple: switch your mindset.

In this episode, I am encouraging you to choose to claim balance today as a mompreneur.

The truth is that your life won’t always be static. There will be things that will challenge you every single day, but guess what? You can choose to lean into the balance game of that.


In Today’s Episode We Discuss:


  • Why people struggle with finding balance
  • What it means to claim your own balance
  • How to find your freedom
  • Why there might still be uncomfortable moments
  • Defining a mantra for balance
  • Questions to ask yourself to define what balance is to you

You can choose to embrace an uncomfortable feeling, you can choose to embrace chaotic moments, and you can choose to love it, own it, rock it, lean into it and navigate through it.

You will always come out stronger, wiser, and even more balanced!

How close are you to discovering your balance? Take my mompreneur mindset assessment, and find out today by visiting susanvernicek.com/assessment!


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Balance Game Worksheet


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