8: A Crucial Mindset Shift for Mompreneurs: Don't Wait, Create

I have an important question for you: why wait?

No matter what answers you have for this question, I want to challenge you on it.

The mindset shift that I often share with my students is the idea of not waiting and creating instead. This goes hand in hand with showing up in stage three of self-awareness which we talked about in episode 5. Listen back to episode 5 if you want some more context here!

If you’re in stage three, you are ready to do this work because you are aware, ready to shift, change, evolve and strengthen.

I am asking you to think about all of the times that you put off the things that you’ve wanted to do because Momlife or Bizlife got in the way. You might notice that you have put those things off for way too long.


In Today’s Episode We Discuss:


  • The role of choice and decision making
  • The difference between making a decision and committing
  • How to save yourself energy
  • Understanding how your brain works
  • What holds you back from creating
  • Being the who before the how
  • Committing to who you have to become

I challenge you to play around with this. Talk about it with the people around you or even with me. What is it that you want to create?

I want to set you up with a mindset and an approach that I believe will help you maintain and sustain in creation mode and have fun. You can start creating with me and other Mompreneurs like you when you enroll in the Mindset + Achieve Course and Coaching Program at https://susanvernicek.com/mompreneurmindset-achieve/


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