33: Advice from Powerful Moms on Asking for Help, Relying on Your Village, and Creating Toolboxes

It takes a village, and boy, do I know it!

We’re talking about that little piece of wisdom and more in this episode as we draw inspiration from fellow moms.

I’m sharing a couple of quotes from my book, Get All As in the Game of Life: Mother’s Edition. In the last episode, we talked BizLife, now it’s time to talk MomLife.

We’re also talking about asking for help and building toolboxes for our kids. These might be things that sound simple, but they are really important to us as mothers.

It’s time for some inspiration, motivation, support, invigoration, and more. I’d love to know your favorite quote from this episode or the last one, so tune in and join the discussion!


In Today’s Episode We Discuss:


  • How hard it can be to ask for help
  • Why motherhood takes a village
  • The importance of self-acceptance
  • Having a good support system
  • Building toolboxes for yourself and your kids
  • Understanding your kids’ individual needs
  • Inspiring other women


I hope you enjoy listening to a couple of quotes that I picked out to share with you in this episode. When you’re finished with the episode, find me over on social media and let me know what you thought of the quotes! If you want to hear more, the book is full of them!

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