11: Uplevel Your Parenting A-Game with Lisa DiSciullo

Are you ready to uplevel your parenting A-game?

Today’s special guest, Lisa DiSciullo, knows exactly how it feels to be frustrated with your kids and tired of yelling all the time. She works with parents every day to help them improve relationships inside their homes, so I thought it would be great to get her on the podcast to share some of her best advice with us.

Lisa DiSciullo of Parenting Matters NJ is a Parenting Coach and Parent Educator. After years of studying parenting to help her own family get along, take responsibility, and gain independence while reducing frustration, Lisa now helps parents create harmony in families that work and grow together through private coaching, classes, and workshops, for individuals and couples.

Lisa is on a mission to build confidence in parents and resilience in their children. When she is not working with clients or speaking, she is spending time with her husband, walking, cooking, drinking wine, and visiting her 3 adult children and their families.


In Today’s Episode We Discuss:


  • The biggest struggle within families
  • How to improve cooperation with your kids
  • Engaging your kids rather than commanding them
  • How to overcome guilt
  • Why you should focus on progress
  • How to learn from our mistakes
  • Having the courage to do the work

It’s no secret that parenting is a challenge, so I hope hearing from Lisa was helpful for you and your family.

She has a free resource for you all about what we covered today, so be sure to grab that at www.parentingmattersnj.com/freegift

You can also find out how close you are to discovering your balance A-game by taking the Mompreneur Mindset Assessment that I have on my website. Visit www.susanvernicek.com/assessment today to check it out!


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