14: Habits + Trigger Tracking 101

Do you ever think about your habits and triggers?

Habits and triggers are key behaviors behind your mompreneur success. They have definitely saved my life over the past decade, so I’m getting into habit and trigger-tracking 101 in this episode.

Think about it this way: We all have habits, and we all have triggers. Are we ignoring them, or are we actively learning about them and improving them? I bet you have so many amazing habits that are worth celebrating if you really think about it, but there are probably also a few that you could work on. 

I am showing you how to identify them either way so you can learn to replace the triggers for the habits that you want to change. I am also getting into why they’re so important and how to start working on them now.


In Today’s Episode We Discuss:


  • What habits and triggers are 
  • Why you should evaluate your habits and triggers 
  • Using self-awareness to grow 
  • Taking responsibility for your feelings 
  • Some examples of habits and triggers 
  • How to identify your habits and triggers 
  • The power of replacing your triggers 
  • Committing to your habits instead of breaking them 

I want you to walk away from this episode questioning yourself and tapping into your self-awareness. 

Your homework is to brain dump all your habits and triggers. Celebrate the amazing ones, and come up with solutions for the ones that you aren’t happy with. This will change your life!!

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